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We've Had Enough of This Weather. Let's Get Away! ✈️

Travelling for business can be hella stressful.

Heck, travelling for fun can be a bloody nightmare, too. The planning, oh the PLANNING.

Wouldn’t it be gorgeous if you could skip that bit and instead find yourself sipping a crisp rosé on a plane to your dream destination? The cultural tours are booked and pre-paid for, your hotel is expecting you and your itinerary is neatly tucked into your pocket so that you know exactly what’s happening when.

It doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. That’s just something a good personal assistant can do for you. And we are very, very good personal assistants.

Even if you’re stuck, we know all the right questions to ask to help you visualise your perfect trip. Then… We plan it for you. Hakuna matata. 💅

City break, beach vacay, sports trip, adventure holiday, cruise, family trip to Disneyland… We can make it seamless and painless. All you have to do is turn up and enjoy.

And we can almost guarantee we will remember to add the things that you probably would have forgotten if you were doing it yourself. That’s not a read on you, btw, we just do this professionally.

Here are some things we’ll get from you before we enter The Planning Stage™️. Call us freaks if you like, but we love planning. It’s so satisfying when a good plan comes together!

What kind of trip do you want to go on?

Are you a lay back, do nothing in the sun girlie? Maybe you want to soak up all the sights and culture of where you are. Perhaps you’re a foodie that wants to hit up all the hottest restaurants, and discover your new favourite hidden gems. A fun-packed activity holiday with the kids might be more of your vibe.

How would you like to get there?

Maybe you only want the best flight experience. Or, you’re happy to keep the budget small. Maybe flying completely gives you the heebs and you want to see what other options would work for you. Plus, transport to and from the airport can be a whole other headache. Extortionate airport parking and last minute taxis can be a thing of the past. We can book planes, trains, automobiles, ferries - whatever you like!

Where do you want to stay?

Not all hotels are created equal - and not everyone wants the same stuff. Kid friendly stays, kid-free slays. Is a pool the priority or do you need a cracking business suite with soundproof pods for calls? Want a bath in the middle of the bedroom with a fantastic sea view? We’ll find you that snazzy room. Accessible suites? Dog-friendly? Free WiFi? LAUNDRY SERVICE?! A bottle of champers waiting for you on arrival? We’ll stick it in the notes!

We have the chops of a travel agent or travel consultancy. Our resident travel specialist Jodie (A.K.A Snackie Chan, queen of bringing the best treats in the office) has not only worked in events and booked an enormous amount of trips for clients - she’s a real globetrotter. Which means that she knows all the secret tips, the most fantastic nooks AND crannies, and the best places to be. Like, anywhere. There ain’t a venue or destination this one doesn’t know about. Frfr.

We’ll help you identify what your heart truly desires.

Research destinations for you.

Come to you with a proposal including everything you want (and probably more).

Sort everything everything from booking, transfers and luggage to an itinerary and packing list.

It all depends on what you need for a smooth ride followed by your best-life bougie holiday, queen. 👑

Now, there’s only one more question:

Aisle or window?

If you'd like to get Snackie Chan sorting out your next trip, send us an email -



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