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Services & Pricing

Have a scroll through our ready-to-go packages.
let us know if you have some ideas of your own -
we’d be super happy to tailor our services to best suit you.

Virtual PA services

£35 p/h + VAT

We go above and beyond. We flatter. We fetch (well, Rio does… Sometimes). We even dance.

And, it’s safe to say, we’re the greatest virtual personal assistants you’ll come across. You'll want one, you'll get one, and you'll never look back. Trust us.

Here’s what we do best:

Your inbox

Your inbox gives you the ick? We feel you. We’ll manage it daily, reply where necessary and with our help, you’ll never have to see a spam email again. Heaven! Your emails will be an oasis of opportunity, rather than a bleak wasteland of promotions and Pitch-slap Percys.

Business Admin

Whether you’re struggling to manage lead follow ups or your website, drowning in job applications or wondering where the heck you start with building a website - we’ll be your wingpeople. Experts in all things admin and organisation, you’ll wonder how you ever coped without us. If it can be done on a laptop… we can do it!


Money can be confusing. Let’s be real. But luckily, we know what to do with it! We’ll take care of invoicing and credit control, ensuring the finance aspect of your business flows freely. Non-payment issues don’t have to be an issue anymore. We’ll hunt down those illusive funds for you and get that money in your bank!


​We’ve all winced at an ugly pitch deck. Really puts you off, doesn’t it? It’s 2023 and beautifying docs is a thing - get into it! So, you’re not a graphic designer… Don’t worry, we are. Our in-house specialists will kit you out with documents that will be the envy of your peers. From presentations and sales decks to contracts and landing pages, we got you.

Personal life

​You’re a person… you have needs outside of work, from managing utilities and insurance to sourcing and sending birthday and Christmas gifts, we’ll have your personal life running like clockwork. You’ll be sipping green juice after yoga in no time. It’s like you’re Miranda Priestley and you have your very own Anne Hathaways and Emily Blunts to sort out everything for you. Yes, we got the unpublished Harry Potter manuscript.

Bespoke Social Media
Management Packages

Lost with LinkedIn? Irked by Instagram? Forgotten about your Facebook? Maybe you just find it hard to stay consistent on the platforms - but you know you need to. We grew up on social media, it’s like a second language to us (plus we’ve been working as specialists in the field for years!). Whichever platform you need managing, we know how to get the most out of it.

LinkedIn Profile Management

£450+VAT per month

There’s nothing more tragic to us than a disappointing LinkedIn profile. If you’re a star, we want to see you shine - and we want everyone else to see it too! We’ll take over in the best way! We’ll send 100 weekly targeted connections, and build your community with daily comments and outward engagement on the posts of your target audience, and you'll never miss a lead or message again with our pro inbox mangement. Our in-house copywriter can also work with you to craft personalised content for your personal or company brand page.

Complementary Enhancements for LinkedIn Personal Profile

Profile Transformation: £250 +VAT 

About section, banner, profile picture, headline. If you don’t know what those are - you definitely need our help! We’ll make sure that your profile reflects YOU down to a T. We’ll make sure it’s abundantly clear who you help and how you help them, while still letting your personality and individuality shine through. When people find you, they’ll be itching to work with you.​

LinkedIn Corporate Page Management

£450+VAT per month

Corporate pages can be a bit boring. Or they can be informative, engaging and fun yet still professional. It’s your choice. (If you want to stand out from your competitors, you should probably go for the latter stuff.) We’ll let people know all about your fabby business and all the amazing things you do for your clients.

Instagram Profile Management

£425 + VAT per month

If you’re not on Insta by now, we’ll launch it for you. It’s a hub of shared ideas, support, and an opportunity to showcase everything fantastic about your brand, with a key visual element. With our expertise in graphic design, we’ll slay your creatives and make your page absolutely pop off.

Facebook Page Management

£395+VAT per month

Who still uses Facebook? UH, WE DO! We know that you have to go to where your audience is. With optimised, platform specific content, we’ll advertise to your ideal customer while building your community and audience. What’s not to love?

Multiplatform Management Packages

It’s all about cross-pollination, but platform-specific content is our jam. Each social media platform is like a different country with different laws and different languages. We’re like polyglot diplomats. (We speak all those languages and we know the rules for each place.) Wherever you want to be seen, we’ll take you there and make the right kind of racket.

Tri-Platform Suite (Exclusive of Copywriting): £920+VAT per month

Tri-Platform Premier Suite (Inclusive of Copywriting & Imagery): £1270+VAT per month

Copywriting Services

No templates, no ChatGPT, no one-size-fits-all approach.


You'll have regular consultations with our seasoned in-house copywriter who will turn your brain dumps into coherent, valuable thought leadership and your vague ideas into star content.

Together, you'll identify your very own key content pillars for structured brand messaging.


We'll formulate an insightful and content strategy that gets your posts seen by the right people.

ot you.

Whether it's engaging, bespoke content for your social media profiles, banging blog posts or Search Engine Optimised copy for your website - we've got you.

Plus, we'll design a distinguished company brand profile complete with visuals, so that you really stand out.


Social Media Copywriting


£320+VAT per month

3 x posts weekly - Meticulously researched, adeptly written and adapted for diverse platform nuances.

We consult with you and work with your ideas, so that what we write truly reflects your brand down to a T - every time. Regular meetings with our specialist in-house copywriter are part of the deal.


Social media isn’t just a ‘nice-to-have’ - it’s a must. It’s how people will discover you, learn more about your offering and when used correctly it can become a great lead generation channel. Plus, bad websites and social pages can put people off entirely and you don’t want that!

Website Copy


£900+VAT (Optimised for a 5-page website)

You need Search Engine Optimised copy for your website, eh? It doesn’t matter if you work in a very niche field. Our in-house copywriter has worked across multiple sectors and (apparently) swallowed a dictionary. With focused yet friendly meetings, we’ll figure out exactly what your wondrous webpage requires and make sure it absolutely slaps.

Blog Writing Service


£90+VAT per article (Spanning 500-1000 words)

You can’t think of a blog idea but know you need to post. It happens to the best of us. Luckily, you’re just one brainstorm session with our copywriter away from having a series of beautifully written blogs delivered straight to you. It’s that simple!

Jeri Williams.jpg

Jeri Williams

Founder & CEO of Smooth Accouting

I used Luke’s services to manage my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and wow what a difference it made. It took the task away from me, and was completely stress free. Not only that, Luke just knew what to do. It was seamless and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Luke and his team for any VA services. Best in the business!

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