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Our story

From the get-go, we’ve been inspired to make a difference.

Manton Executives started small. Founder, Luke, was diagnosed with adult-onset Tourette’s syndrome in 2018. That made it tricky to find a job. Anywhere.


So, he employed himself. Luke began offering his expertise to friends’ companies. As word of mouth spread, other businesses reached out - and the rest is history. Manton Executives became a fully-fledged business in 2019.


Before too long, the waiting list became over 3 months. We pride ourselves on efficiency, so it was clear that the business had to expand. Since then, we’ve taken on more clients and grown our team - each member vetted and trained by Luke himself.

Say “hello”!

Meet the team

Siri and Alexa are all fun and games until you have to ask your device what the best shade of pink is. That’s where we come in.

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Founder/Boss Babe

👋 Hi! I’m Luke. I have exceptional eyebrows and Tourette's syndrome. And I’m here to spice up the land of Virtual Personal Assistants. A splash of tics at a time.


I’m armed with a first-class honours degree in Business Management, Marketing & Enterprise - and I have 10 years of experience as a successful Events Manager. I can’t wait to get to know you more.



Social Media Manager/Office Entertainer

I’m Katie - a lively and bubbly spirit in the office. You’ll find me managing a bunch of social media accounts and creating some eye-catching marketing campaigns. (And pole dancing on a hat stand, while trying to fit as many marshmallows as possible in my mouth. But we won’t talk about that.)


Social Media & PA Junior/Office Mum

I’m a self-confessed organisational goddess. I dive right into sorting through emails, and shopping for Christmas presents! It’s conclusive: I’ve got a bunch of tricks up my sleeve.


Alongside my daily tasks, I manage to keep Luke and Katie on the straight and narrow. That’s impressive - because it’s a task that resembles herding cats.

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Jodie Seabrook

Meet our very own globetrotting, everything-in-its-place, fix-anything guru, Jodie!

From bleeding radiators to coordinating your kitchen makeover, or organising your dream vacation, Jodie's got your back. And we're willing to bet that whatever task you have at hand, she can do it in half the time.

Jodie is our in-house event maestro. Organisation and planning aren't just her skills, they're in her DNA. Need something fixed? No problem. Jodie's virtual toolkit and know how are always at the ready.

But life isn't all work for our superwoman. When she's not orchestrating the lives of everyone around her, you'll find her up at the crack of dawn, strolling under the sunrise with her trusty canine sidekick, Ralph.

If Jodie were a superhero, her power would be turning chaos into order faster than you can say "go!". With her around, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


Copywriter & Social Media Exec/ Pedant

As an obnoxious 6-year-old, I used to regularly get up from my chair to edit other people's work and correct their spelling. I've gotten better at it since, and (hopefully) more tactful in my approach.


Bringing virtual vibes from my home office, I'm a copywriter who lives and breathes autobiographical storytelling.


With 2 drama degrees under my belt and a specialism in autobiographical theatre, taking real-life stories and turning them into bitesize, enjoyable nuggets is my whooole jam.


I'll make your content and comment replies sound like you. But better. 

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Head of Security

It’s Rio’s world. We’re all just living in it.

Rio’s a tiny queen (and a bit of a Karen, depending on what mood she’s in).

Special skills: Rio only weighs 1.4kg, but can take down an average male in under 4 seconds. She can run at the speed of light, and she can plank for 3 days straight.

Dislikes: computers, paperwork, and people. Oh, and crocs.


Food and Beverage Manager

A handsome man indeed, Rocco is all about the chill vibes. Whether it’s a sirloin steak or a cherry chapstick, he’s always happy to tuck into some quality grub.

Special skills: Rocco can eat approximately 17x his body weight (in a single sitting). He can also sleep standing up, and he invented the glue on Postit notes.

Dislikes: Exercise. Wild swimming. Empty food bowls. And the term "circle back".

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