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Getting The Most Out of Your Superstar VA! 💫

Your VA can do a multitude of things to support your business. But it can be hard figuring out what it is you actually need doing. You feel?

Sometimes you don’t see the gaps in the business because they’ve just kinda… always been there. Like how you can always see your nose but your brain has just learned to tune it out. Bet you’re looking at your nose now to see if that’s true. Good luck ignoring it from here on. Haha. 😈

So what can your VA do for you as a business owner, realistically? Well, I’m not a VA, I’m a copywriter. That’s why I’m writing this. SO - I went round the office and asked all the Virtual Assistants where they spend most of their time. And they gave me some pretty in-depth answers. Check it out.

The first thing that was mentioned was the fact that a lot of business owners discover what they need done THROUGH their VA. They might come to our agency needing someone to smash through their over-crowded email inbox or book a few client meetings here and there, but together, we end up realising that their business processes are completely overwhelming and not actually fit for purp - like, at all.

That’s when we introduce them to project management software that really suits both their vibe and their needs. Maybe we start managing their employees’ workflows, or engaging with their community forums. We get to know their needs and where they're struggling - and we reach into our bag of tricks to help them out.

We have a wealth of experience that spans across a LOT of sectors, bebbeh. Our skills are almost as numerous as the f-bombs we chuck around the office. (There’s a lot of those. Our boss has Tourette’s.) And we’re ready to whip ‘em out our holsters and deploy them when and where needed. Like cowboys, but we herd tasks instead of heifers.

The Basics.

These are the OG Personal Assistant tasks. Email management, admin, booking meetings, booking lunches, data entry, organising your calendar. This is what most people come to us for. And it’s no surprise! We’re f*cking good at it. (Warned you.)


We’ve designed lead magnets, workbooks, pitch decks, event invites, Instagram posts, you name it. We also edit video. It’s the future, innit. Anything you need beautifying, we’ve got it under control.

Client Management.

Professional community forums can be daunting to stay up to date on if you’re hosting them. When you’ve got 1000 things to do, replying to someone who can’t find a link you sent them twice already isn’t usually on your priority list. Here’s the proposal; we send the links, we reply to the convoluted messages from confused community members and we troubleshoot anything that’s going wrong. Sit down, put your feet up! We got this.

(When I say we, I do mean the other members of the agency. I, the humble wordsmith, cannot claim to be even half as brilliant as they are at all the stuff they do. Apart from the next bit.)

Content Creation and Social Media Engagement

I refuse to divorce these two. They are bedfellows. They need each other. Like Blake and Ryan. Shrek and Fiona. Bert and Ernie. If you need your socials to pop off, you gotta vibe with ‘em both, ‘kay? Or rather, you can hand them over to us. Now I am talking about myself, too. 😎

Meaningful, value-led content that breeds conversation. It’s very much in our wheelhouse. Matched perfectly by community-building engagement across social media. Comments, outreach and DM management. If you don’t know what those terms mean, then you definitely need our help. They’re cornerstones of social media presence-building.

Yes, we are virtual personal assistants. But we are so much more. We’re team members for whatever you need - as well as semi-professional hype-men. The best news, we’re trained to support neurodiverse peeps, too. Executive dysfunction doesn’t have to stand in your way any longer. We’re punching it in the face.

Whatever you need to tackle, we're on your side - and ready to make it happen. We'll help you hatch a plan to make sure you're getting the support when and where you really need it! 😎



(Manton Exec in-house copywriter)



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