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Sunshine, Seratonin, and Getting Back On It. ☀️😎

It’s been a long, cold Winter, boos. 🥶

We’re over the moon to see the sun shining! And the delicious serotonin we’re soaking up from that sunshine is great for productivity. Those dark, Winter months can feel like a bit of a write-off, sometimes. But when the sun is out, it feels like you can do anything. Energised, powered up, and ready to take on the day - that’s the vibe.

Here’s how to manage all that newfound energy if you want to make the most of it.

Get outside, daily.

Whether it’s taking a stroll, going for a jog, or just stretching out on a blanket, get out in that fresh air. In the UK especially, you never know how long you have before the clouds come over again! Bonus points for exercise. Come on endorphins!

Whatever you do outside, make sure you stop to smell the flowers. And for goodness’ sake, slap on some SPF. Itchy sunburn is not good for focus and productivity.

Windows (not the software lol)

If you’re inside at your desk all day, then you definitely need that sunshine to keep you going. Make sure you’re working in a well-lit area, try and get near a window that lets in loads of natural light.

This signals to your brain that it’s go-time, not nap time. Also, keep your desk clear. It looks nicer and feels nicer. 💅 Piles of documents and folders are not the vibe. It’s not 1982 and you’re not a stressed-out sitcom journalist who works solely on paper. Unless you are? Welcome to the future time travelling journalist xx have a KitKat.

Make a lovely plan for the day

Write out a to-do list, and make sure to make notes of anything urgent that pops up as you go throughout your day. Anything not urgent can wait. (But still write it down for later, just so you don’t forget.)

A good plan can make you feel uber-productive. Ticking things off… 🫦 SUCH a good feeling. And remember!! Failing to plan is planning to fail. 👀

Recognise your patterns

There will be times of the day when you usually feel mega on-it, and you’re smashing through your tasks like your name is Wreck it Ralph.

But there’s also times when you feel like a blob on the floor and looking at a computer screen is giving you an itchy brain. Think about the PLS. The ‘Post Lunch Slump’, that’s a factor for lots of people. Full bellies can make you sleepy. Other people find a break and refuel really energises them, and they skip back to their desks ready to take on the afternoon with renewed vitality!

However your energy ebbs and flows throughout the day, take note of it and try and structure your work to fit those cycles.

Drink some water

Not just coffee. Not just tea. Not just energy drinks, juice or diet coke. DRINK YOUR WATER. When you’re dehydrated, your brain shrinks and pulls away from your skull. 😖 That’s why you get a headache. Gross, right? Think about that mental image every time you can’t be bothered to go to the sink and fill up your water bottle. Bet you’ll do it! Warm weather means hydration is even more important.

Another day, another slay. We’re hoping the weather stays warm and that you stay taking good care of yourself.


Productivity isn’t something you can force, but by taking care of yourself and making the most of what Mother Nature offers us on these bright, sunny days, you can defo help it along the way.



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