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How we handle information (Personal Data or otherwise)

The Legal Bits:


From basic contact details to your confidential records, in this section we’ll take you through the various ways we look after that information so that we can work with you. Please note, we will keep this up to date therefore it may change from time to time. If you are a customer of ours, we will notify you directly of any changes you need to be aware of.


Who ‘we’ are and where you can find details about us:


For information, this relates to the handling of information by Manton Executives Ltd, Registered in England & Wales, Company Number 13318528, Registered Office: Manton Executives Ltd, Suite 33, Hatherley Lane, Cheltenham, GL51 6SH.


We are also registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under registration number ZA800539.

‘Controller’ vs ‘Processor’:


For the purposes of our own recruitment, finances, insurance, operating this website and legal obligations we are a Data Controller. We have some basic contact details of clients about individuals for these purposes. For anything else you will be given a specific notice outlining how that data will be used.


For the purposes of providing you with virtual support we are a Data Processor. Where you engage with us for our services we will put in place a ‘Data Processing Agreement’ with you that outlines how we will work as your Processor.

Data Processing Agreements:


In each contract we sign it will be outlined what role each party plays and who is responsible for what where the processing and protection of any Personal Data is concerned.

What sort of information do I have?


In order to work with you we may have the following information at any given time. This will be known to you before we have it and is very much dependant on how we are working with you;


  • Personal Data on you or your staff

  • Personal Data on your customers/citizens

  • Business Confidential Data

  • Operational Confidential Data


Where possible all the data we have is electronic. Physical copies are discouraged however where this does occur they are handled to similar high standards.


Please note, when paying invoices or for products we do not use or collect your payment information. This is either stored with you (if you pay via BACS etc) or with any online payment portal being used.

Why do we use your information?


There are occasions where we need to use your information in order to;


  • Contact you and discuss a service with your consent or as part of the contract

  • Work with you to resolve a customer query, complaint or data issue as part of the contract

  • Send you promotional material with your consent, including our blog posts and newsletters

  • For our own legal and accounting obligations where it is required for us to retain such data

  • To take payment for any products & promotional merchandise as part of the conditions of sale (contract)

  • As part of a reference for future client work with your consent

Where are we storing your information?


In so far as possible, we ensure that information is either kept within the United Kingdom or the European Union. However we do use some systems that store data internationally. Please see below list of systems and links to their appropriate safeguards.


How long do we keep your information?


In short, as short a time as is possible and necessary. We keep your records where you are the Data Controller for as long as you require. We also return all data to you when we end our service or finish a specific project. For all other records, please find below a summary of how long we keep that information:


  • General correspondence = 1 month from date created

  • Contracts = 7 years from contract end

  • Accounting information = 6 years from accounting year end

  • Blog subscription data = until you unsubscribe when it will automatically be deleted

Are we doing anything complex or intrusive with your information?


Put simply, no. Your information is not used for analytical or machine learning related purposes. The tools we use to run the company and deliver our services are very ‘every day’ and simple. If this ever changes, we will consult you beforehand.

How do we protect your information?


We deploy a number of things to look after and protect the data within our care. This includes (but isn’t limited to) the following;


  • High standard passwords

  • 2 factor authentication on key systems

  • Encryption of remote devices

  • Contracts with third parties

  • External review and advice on security controls

  • Clear policies and training

  • Access controls (internal and external)


Who has access to your data and who do we share it with?


Where possible, only Manton Executives employees will have ‘routine’ access to your data. However, for reasons like ‘IT maintenance’ and ‘accounting’, third parties will access your information on occasion. Further details on who these organisations are and what they might access are below for your reference.


Otherwise we do not share your information with any other organisations unless you require us to do, have consented for us to do so or we are required to under UK law.


What systems do we use?


In order to provide you with services we often will use the systems you already have in place. However, where you have no such system and therefore require use of a tool we use, below is a summary of the tools we use to help deliver our services to do and run our business.


Accounting = Xero

Document Management Interface = Dropbox

Project and Task Management = Trello

Email interface = G:Suite

Email Newsletter = Active Campaign

Website interface = Wix

What rights do you have?


You have a number of rights over your data depending on what the data is and why we are holding it. If we can honour your request we will, otherwise we will explain why we cannot or may have to liaise with the respective Data Controller of that data.


Where we are a Data Processor of your information, our contract with you will outline what rights are yours over the data we process and how we will assist you with those rights and obligations.


To find out what we have or exercise any rights over your information please contact XXXX (or your respective Data Controller where we are just a processor, if you know who that is).


You also have a right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority (Information Commissioners Office (ICO) in the UK) about what I am doing. You can do this via, or 0303 123 1113.


Getting in touch:


If you have any questions or concerns please contact or, if you are a current client, please contact your assigned PA. 


Manton Executives does not have a Data Protection Officer as it does not meet the criteria for needing one. However we do get advice and support on Data Protection & Cyber Security from Lighthouse IG.

Using this website:


Our website uses very little technology in order to work.




We use cookies on this website for 2 main purposes. When you first landed on the website we asked you for consent for the statistics cookies. If you did not provide consent, these have not been placed on your device.



  • bSession (temporary) used to assist with website performance

  • hs (temporary) used to assist with website security

  • ssr-caching (temporary) used to assist with caching

  • svSession (temporary) used to assist with the login function of the website

  • XSRF-TOKEN (temporary) used to assist with security



  • Fedops.logger.defaultOverrides (temporary) assists in the analysis of use of the website

  • fedops.logger.sessionId (persistent) assists in the analysis of use of the website

Submitting queries & subscribing:


At each point where you can submit your personal data for a query or to subscribe we will outline what we do with that data.


Third Party Websites:


Manton Executives Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any content on other websites that we may link to. This site does not share any data with those sites, including any preferences, therefore you need to ensure you read that sites privacy notices etc on your visit.


Version Control:


Version 1.0 Issued July 2023

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