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LinkedIn Maintenance for High Powered Queens Who Just Don't Have the Time Anymore!

People spend a whole bunch of time (and moolah) making sure their LinkedIn slaps.

Getting their profile polished, planning content, posting, engaging, the whole shabang. And good on them! That’s what LinkedIn is for. But here’s the kicker: the upkeep is gruelling when you’ve got a busy schedule.

If you’ve put all the work into building a community, you don’t want to waste that fab opportunity by just falling off the whole platform… But it happens very often. And we feels ya. LinkedIn is a lot of work, babe. Which is why we help our clients to keep up their momentum.

(We also create the momentum for newbies, but there’s a whole bunch of people out there neglecting their big ol’ following because they got too busy. This one’s for you, queen.)

Content creation

First, you meet with our in-house copywriter who will invite you for a good old chinwag on Zoom. You don’t need to prepare a list of content ideas or curate a vibe playlist, don’t worry! With some strategic questions and a huge dimpled smile, she’ll draw out your thoughts and turn your brain dumps into smashing content that sounds like you wrote it yourself. If you have your own ideas you’re desperate to share, that’s great too! She also loves a collab. 💁‍♀️

Your content is usually the first thing that people will come across, so we know how important it is that it really reflects you and your brand. We also know that if you’ve been writing your own content for a while, you probably feel like you’ve run out of ideas. In this instance, an outside eye is invaluable, honey!

Scheduling and posting

Yes, yes, we do that, too. Hold for applause

Once you’re happy with your content (you get one round of amendments on the house) we’ll make sure it’s going to the right platform at the right time. We also offer Facebook and Instagram, as well as Insta stories - if that tickles your fancy!

It’s just one less thing you have to do to keep your LinkedIn alive. One less hurdle to jump. One more barrier removed. Shazam! You’re welks.


This is arguably one of the most important things you can be doing on your LinkedIn, but it’s also super hard to stay consistent with. People are always saying the most important thing is to add value, but how are you supposed to think of thoughtful and meaningful comments several times a day when you’ve got a squagillion other things to be getting on with?!

That’s where we sashay in. We’ll spend 30 minutes every day scouring your socials looking for opportunities to make you sound like the most value-add, enlightening, eloquent scholar that ever did deign to comment, if you so wish. If you want a more personable, light and funny (yet still intelligent) vibe, we’ve got that down, too. Whatever your TOV and way of interacting online, we’ll make sure we mirror it.


You can’t make good decisions without the right data, right? Which is why we generate analytics for our clients every month. We send them over to you so that you can see how your content is performing.

We look at the metrics to determine what really works for your audience, and whether your content is HITTIN’. Data-driven, strategic decisions are in, babes. And you can only make them if you’re measuring your efforts. 👏


Dropping the ball with LinkedIn when you’ve put in so much work and time into building your community strategically is an awful shame, bub. But we know that the upkeep is a lot of work. So if you’re looking for girlies that get it, are versatile enough to nail your TOV, and will do all the leg work for you on the platform Mon-Fri - you know who to call.*

(*It’s not the ghostbusters.)



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