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Your LinkedIn Is A Mess, Girl - 4 Things Your Profile Really Needs To Pop Off.

A lot of people come to us for help at Manton Executives because they just can't ‘figure out’ Linkedin. 🤷🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

No, It’s not just a digital book of people’s CVs.

It’s a hub of conversation, inspiration… and a whole lot of wisdom, y’all. 👏

There’s a bunch of seasoned professionals with EXTENSIVE careers sharing their hard-earned knowledge, and there’s also a ton of young entrepreneurs showing you what it’s like to build a business from the ground up. Didn't ya know?

It’s a thriving social network (no Jesse Eisenberg) and the chances are you already have a profile. 👀

Be honest, did you start a LinkedIn page, add your degree as your headline and then forget about it completely? 🤨 (Despite the constant barrage of emails LinkedIn graces you with…) We see you.

No stress. It’s not too late to turn it around, honey! With the help of this simple guide - your page is gonna go from drab to FAB.✨

So if LinkedIn has got you more confused than a Chameleon in a packet of Skittles™️ (not spon) - read this. 👇

1) Picture

Make sure it’s a shoulders up picture of your face. No one is trying to squint to figure out if it’s really you! If you fancy it, get on canva and add yourself a nice, brightly coloured background that makes you stand out. 😎

2) Banner

Your banner can be really simple. Literally a block colour (with your company logo if you have one!) or something more decorative if you're the creative type. Just make sure you have a banner, okay? It elevates the whole look.

(^This is Snoop Dogg's banner. It's a terrible example, but we just wanted to show you where it was located. It's behind your profile picture. Also, he ignored the pic shoulders-up rule, but everyone knows who the D.O.G.G. is, so he gets a pass.)

3) Headline

This is the bit that goes under your name. In a sentence, describe who you help and how you help them. Try and make it eye-catching, yet direct - and don’t be scared to use emojis if that’s your thing!

4) Bio

If your headline was a sprinkle of info about you, your bio is going to really hook the people in. 🙌 It’s an opportunity for them to get to know you! This is the bit that goes in the ‘about’ section of your page. Write about your career, your passions, give people a window into what you’re all about - not just as a professional, but as a person, too. It should be fun to read and it doesn’t need to be too formal (‘cause that’s usually not fun to read… 💅). Make good use of spacing, a big wall of text is not the vibe!

Of course, you can add your education and work experience, but that’s all pretty straightforward. 😉 Plus, the stuff above is what people REALLY look at.

LinkedIn could be the place you discover your passion, hone your craft, get your next job or even what inspires you to start your own business. It's time to get into it!

So get out there and pimp your profile like it’s a car on MTV in 2004. 🕶️

It’s your time to shine. 🪩



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