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Your Calendar Doesn't Have To Give You The Ick.

Is your calendar completely jarring? 🤮

There’s nothing more stressful than looking at a jam-packed calendar. No breaks. No sleep. Bus. Club. ‘Nother club. Plane. No sleep. 👏

We don’t love that for you, sis.

Booking yourself in for tasks back-to-back is all fun and games (irony, irony) until one of your meetings overruns, or - God, forbid - you have to use the loo!

Suddenly, everything is overlapping and you’re going to have to work ‘til 11pm again. Not fun.

Realistically, your calendar is the ONLY thing standing between you and all the tasks you need to get ticked off this week. And it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It can be an oasis, if you so choose. 🏝️

Let’s start with the easiest step.

1) Your lunch hour. Make it the same every day if you can. Put it in!

Suddenly, you’ve got a lovely looking strip across the week breaking up every single day into two more manageable halves. Ain’t it pretty?

You deserve that time. Go for a walk. Eat a wrap. Water your plants. If you WFH then lunchtime is you time. And if you’re in the office then… talk to people? Idk, could be fun.

2) Prioritise your tasks into ‘Must do, Should do, and Could do.’ Time block those mofos.

This might sound arduous, but it’s actually a massive anxiety killer. Once you can see how many tasks you have to do and how urgent they all are, you can plan out what needs to be done first.

Take it one step at a time - overwhelm doesn’t have to be your bedfellow. Stealin’ all the duvet and snoring loudly… get out.

3) Colour code your tasks in a way that works for you.

Could be a colour for each different client, a colour for work vs. personal, different colours for admin vs socials… whatever you like!

What we will say is that your calendar should be aesthetically pleasing. Use colours that you actually like on there… or it’ll be ugly and you won’t wanna look at it. 🫣

Having good structure every day and building a routine will make it way easier for you to get into the swing of things. It becomes a habit, eventually.

There are also great project management tools out there like Notion that will organise your calendar for you based on priority levels and dates that you input. So if you don’t feel like doing it yourself - queen, you don’t have to!

We’re GoogleCal girlies over at Manton Executives, but you use whatever works for you. If you wanna party like it’s 1999, you could even write it down… on PAPER! Or a whiteboard, if you’re feeling more eco-friendly. 😉

Just a small amount of time taken to organise your day can reduce your anxiety, boost your productivity and leave you ready to slay the day.

We hope your calendar can become your PALendar. 💁‍♀️

And we hope your day is better than that^ pun.




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