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Gift Giving For Clueless Last-Minute Christmas Queens! 🎁 We've Got You. 😉

Slay 💅💅 Bells Ring, Are You Listening?


(Or nearly, depending on when you’re reading this…)

Some festive fun is in order! In that spirit, we’re gonna give you the low down on Christmas gift giving.

You see, we literally do this professionally. If we had a penny for every time a client asked us to help them pick out and buy a present, we’d have enough coins to build a life size statue of Elizabeth Debicki. (She’s 6’3”. Slay, tall queen.)

Let’s start with gifts for the little ones. (Or the teenagers.)

There’s a great rule for them:

Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. 

Essentially, that big present they’ve been talking about all year.

Then, something that they may have used up or outgrown that needs replacing like perfume, a new wallet, a new bag for school, new headphones the list goes on!

To wear: a new coat, pair of socks, trainers, whatever’s in your budget. A gift card to their favourite shop is a great one if you’re not sure what they’d like, ‘cuz you might not if they’re teens…tbh. They can be very picky. 👀

And finally, a good book. Curling up with a great read and a cup of hot choccy round Xmas time? Say less.

(Psst! In that vein, it never hurts to throw in some sweet treats, too - if that’s something they like!)

When it comes to adults, think about things that they like. Google is your best friend. There will always be gifts related to their hobbies and interests that other people have already thought of! Stalk their social media if you want to remind yourself how they best enjoy spending their time. 

⬇️⬇️⬇️Generally, these are some other great pointers. Soak ‘em up.

Gifting experiences.

Not all of us have the extra cash laying around to do fun stuff, especially this year! Treat your recipient to a spa day so they can get out of the house and unwind, or organise an activity that you know they’d love to do. Even a simple gift voucher for a nice dinner is a great treat. Physical gifts are nice, but good memories are priceless. (That quote is absolute fire, wow. 🔥 Just made that up right now.)

Think about the long-term.

Give people gifts that they can use over and over. Practical gifts that enrich people’s daily lives are seriously underrated. Think about what they don’t have, something that would make their lives easier, and find a fun solution with your gift. Nobody wants the guilt of watching your present collect dust on a back shelf. That’s like, an anti-present. Ew.

Don’t feel the need to splurge.

People will always appreciate gifts that you have put thought into. Even if you buy them something generic like a candle or a bottle of wine - make sure it’s their favourite wine, or a scent you know will give them a buzz. Just because something costs a load of moolah, it doesn’t mean it’s a nice gift, tbh.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask.

The best way to get someone the perfect gift for them is to ask them about it. Sure, you’ll get the ‘I don’t know’ people - but others are organised with their Christmas lists. And if they give you a list, for the love of Pete do NOT ignore it!!! THREE EXCLAMATION MARKS!!! It’s not even a hint at that point, if you can’t take it, babe, we can’t help you.

At the end of the day, it’s nice getting any gifts at all - as long as they don’t cause clutter or prove to that person that you don’t know anything about them in the slightest (no presh). Just relax, have fun, and don’t forget to use the tools at your disposal.

(Asking them directly, Etsy, and asking the king and queen of all questions: Google and TikTok. We’ll let you figure out who is who. 😉)

P.S. We are absolutely not connected to Etsy in any way, but there’s tons of unique, creative handmade gifts on there if you’re on the hunt!



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