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"Even my Folders have Folders." - A Glow Up For Your Email Inbox. ✨

It’s okay to be a bit of a hot mess sometimes. But when it starts messing with your organisation levels, girl - it’s gone too far.

Let’s talk about the first frontier. Your email inbox. The very words might send a shiver down your spine… But Halloween was last month, queen! No need to be scared.

We’re going into 2024 confident, empowered, efficient and ready to slay our goals, mmkay? 👯‍♀️

There’s a very simple but criminally underused feature of email organisation that absolutely pops off. It’s folders, duh.

(Digital folders. But it's almost impossible to think about filing without thinking about the OG filing/organisation/binder superstar, Amy Santiago.)

Your emails have got your appointments, travel details, tasks for work, meeting arrangements, requests, subscriptions, your bills, your online orders… the list goes on. It’s easy to lose track. We don’t blame you if you’re missing the odd thing!

But we have the antidote. We’ve organised more inboxes than Gaga has had outfit changes.

We create separate folders. For example: Personal, Clients, Meetings - and that’s just the top level.

We’re going to go deeper down into another level - like Inception. (But instead of being confusing it will be the complete opposite and Leo Dicaprio will not be there. Soz.)


Here’s a template example of how we might split up one of our clients inboxes into stunning little folders and sub-folders. Just for you. 😉

Tip: There’s many ways and different proven methods out there to help you out, like the PARA method (Project, Area, Resource, Archive).

➡️ Linky link if that sounds more like your cup of tea and you’d like to learn more - click me.

Find what works for you and get filing away. You're in your folder era, girlie.

Just picture it:

Your inbox is organised. You are calm. Overwhelm is a thing of the past. You know where everything is. You sleep soundly knowing that there is nothing to worry about. Obama is there.

Footloose, folder happy and fancy free.

Enjoy, queens. 👑



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