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5 PC Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Change Your Life (sorry Mac users 💅)

We can guarantee you’ll find at least 1 new one here today!

Every so often, someone shows you something that changes your life.

For some of us, it’s the simple beauty of a Chipotle burrito, for others, it’s figuring out a never-fail hiccup cure.

(If you have one of those, please do let us know.🥲)

As Virtual Assistants and Social Media baes, keyboard shortcuts are something that we could not physically operate without. Like, seriously.

1) Quick emojis - Windows key + .

Time saving, point making, emphasis enhancing - we all use them. EMOJIS.

(Even if you say you don’t, you’re lying. A sideways bracket smiley face counts.)

When you’re trying to really punctuate a sentence or show your true, inner feelings without the use of words - emojis are there for you.

But finding them quickly can be quite a pain.

No matter what platform, document or app you’re using on your PC, hit Win and the full-stop to open up your little emoji menu.

From within there, you can even word search for the perfect reaction.

Thank us later. ;)

2) Taking sectional screenshots - Windows key + Shift + S

When you need to only screenshot part of the screen, this is your best friend.

Save yourself roughly 55 hours a year of cropping time.

Give it a try - it’ll seriously change your life.

3) Screen record - Windows key + Alt + R

Realised last minute that you need to record a meeting? No problem.

This one comes in handy more than you would think, tbh.

The resulting videos will appear in the ‘Captures’ folder on your device, but can also be accessed through the Windows Xbox Game Bar (Win + G.)

Yeah - bet you didn’t know you had that, either!

4) Find word - Ctrl + F

Not sure if you used the word ‘slay’ too many times on your cover letter? No worries!

No. 1, you literally can’t 💅 and No. 2 you can check just how many times you have using this nifty tool.

Other uses include but are not limited to: finding a sentence that you know included that word *somewhere*, making sure you didn’t use any swear words in your document and replacing all the times you accidentally spelt definitely ‘defenitely’... 👀

5) Select all + Ctrl + A

This is a classic one, but still, not enough people know it.

It can save you a whoooole load of scrolling and a whole load of stress. (When you accidentally deselect the thing you’ve just spent 2 minutes trying to copy or realise you forgot a whole line 🙄… triggering.)

Goodbye, RSI!

We’re deadass like the Robin Hoods of efficiency. 😂 Or the Oprahs of useful tech hacks! You get a minute back! You get a minute back!

Go out there and put those fingers to work smarter, but not harder, girl!



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